Do I have to pay for your catalogue?

Due to increased printing and postage costs,I can no longer offer free catalogues as per the link top right of the page. A U.K. subscription of £4 (£8 for Europe/Eire, £10 Rest of World) will secure delivery of the next four issues.

What is the best way to store badges?

This is very much a matter of personal taste, and can be dictated by the size of badge and rear clasp type on your badges. Some collectors use sheets of foam rubber; some use albums for coins available through coin dealers.  Through “Lapels” you can purchase both Lindner trays and the “Pin Trader”bags & wallets made specifically for badges.
The trays are manufactured for coin collections and each tray stacks with a transparent cover, showing off badges very professionally. Inner compartments come in three variations with either 48 compartments (for badges up to 30mm, 80 up to 24mm, or 45 of varied sizes. The “Pin Trader” range now comprises just wallets and bags made of fabric pages which unzip at the side to cater for every kind of rear clasp. The Pin Traders can accommodate from 180 badges (wallet) up to 500 badges (bag). New in also are A4 plastic boxes holding a foam sheet on both inside covers, plus a felt divider sheet so badges do not rub on each other when the box is closed. These boxes hold around 150 badges.

How do I know if advertised badges are enamel or plastic?

All UK badges are enamel unless otherwise stated (shown as “n/e” for non-enamel). Foreign badges can be either type as there is often less choice when obtaining from overseas. If you specifically do not want non-enamel badges, please say so when ordering, otherwise I shall send the best issue available regardless of style.

Can I return badges?

I will accept any badges back for exchange if in same condition as when sent out, and if returned within 14 days of receipt. Return postage is at your expense.

My bank will not accept "unquantified" cheques.  What should I do?

My stocks change daily, so I may have sold out of some of the badges you ask for. For this reason I request from mail-order customers an “unquantified” cheque which is signed, dated and made payable to “Lapels”, but does not quote the amount/value in words (e.g. Twelve pounds 35 pence) and figures (e.g. £12.35 on the right). I can then insert the full sum due on your order, reducing the amount for out-of-stock badges. The cheque will then be in an acceptable state for banking. You can safeguard yourself by writing “Not to exceed ……… pounds” at the top or bottom of your cheque, inserting the maximum total that your order may come to if all badges are available, not forgetting to add postage. Of course you also have the option of paying online via PayPal.

I am not happy sending an "unquantified" cheque.  What alternatives are there?

This system is used without problems by my mail-order customers, but for those that do not know me, I can understand your reluctance. You can avoid the use of such cheques by quoting sufficient alternative acceptable badges when you order. However, if I cannot fulfill your order to the value of a fully completed cheque due to some badges being out of stock, you will receive a Lapels Credit Note for the difference which you can use towards future orders. You also have the option of paying online via PayPal.

Do you have a shop where I can see your badges?

I display boards of badges on my stand inside Wealdstone's ground at Grosvenor Vale, Ruislip, at home League, FA Cup and FA Trophy games. My stall is open two hours before kick-off until the game starts.

What are the badges listed as "Collectors' Corner" items?

Invariably these are the slightly older badges that I may only have one of, so they tend to be priced at £5 and upwards. Most of these are advertised on EBay under my seller name badgered53.

I need a badge that is not listed.  Can you help?

I would suggest a subscription to my catalogue or looking on my website to check you miss nothing! Feel free to E-mail me on with any queries as I may still be able to find what you want.

My club needs a new badge.  Do you make badges too?

Yes, subject to a minimum order of 50 badges. Production Terms are viewable online or can be E-mailed upon request to

Do you have all the badges pictured at the foot of your catalogue pages?

Those badges are for decoration only though often they have been held in stock. You will need to check if the badge required is actually listed in my catalogue or website.

Do you exchange badges?

You need to let me know what you have on offer first. I am always after enamel Non-League club badges if not listed in my catalogue and also current top division clubs from around the world if not already listed. I will exchange 1:1 for English or Scottish League badges, or 1:1 for Non-League OF MY CHOICE. Other badges in my catalogue are for sale only.

I run a club shop.  Can you supply me with an assortment of badges more cheaply?

Yes, I have wholesale and discount selections of 40 English League club badges, 25 Scottish League club badges, or 50 assorted Non-League club badges. All selections are content of my choice. Additionally I can offer a FULL SET of the 72 English League clubs, or the 42 Scottish League clubs, or the 72 National Leagues clubs.

How do I order online?

Simply fill in the form and click the Submit button.  You will be emailed with confirmation of your order and a Paypal payment button.  Click this button and follow the simple, on screen instructions, and enter your debit / credit card details for payment.  You do not need a Paypal account to use this service, but there is a small charge when paying by Paypal which I will include in the total sum I ask for.

What is Paypal?

Paypal is the fastest growing internet payment system in the world, with over 86 million account holders globally.  All major credit and debit cards can be safely used on this system.

Is Paypal secure?

Yes!  Paypal is a secure, padlocked site, and all payments are secure and guaranteed.

What is the Wealdstone Megastore and are your badges on EBay ?

The Wealdstone Megastore is the excellent online shop showing stock on sale in the Wealdstone FC Club Shop and many items from my badge stall. These can be viewed on this website via Click on "Goodies" at the top of the home page, then "Lapels".

I have over 500 badges currently advertised on EBay. Search for me under seller name"badgered53" using the "Advanced" link next to the "Search" button, and then scrolling down to insert "badgered53" in "Specific sellers" box. In general, prices on EBay will be higher to cater for their fees and those of PayPal, so you may save money ordering online via this website or by post.

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